The Garrison

We are under siege from all sides and decisively on the defense.  We are fighting desperately to preserve civil rights, preserve Our Democracy, and preserve peace with the world.  Collective action engaged in by the Watchdogs and Emergency response is powerful, but we need those with actual power in government to lead the way.  They are the last line of defense. 


In war, The Garrison are the troops who guard the base.  Here, our base is the Constitution, our Congress, and our Democracy.  The Democratic elected officials, the Democratic Party and decent Republicans, are The Garrison.  They have more know-how, more influence, more outlets to make their case, more connections to other people with influence, and a larger voice in government than we do.  They are the last line of defense between us and Trump and the Republican Congress.  Their job is to preserve the status quo as much as possible when it comes to civil liberties and the erosion of Our Democracy. 


History of the last decade shows us that Democrats have not been good at standing up to the Republicans.  They must be pressured to press their case.  As such, the Watchdogs and Emergency response must not only show up to keep Trump and the Republicans in check, they also must keep an eye on our own Garrison to make sure they are fighting every fight that matters, pushing for impeachment, and actually coming up with ideas to mount legislative attacks and use procedure to their advantage, just as Republicans have been doing so expertly.  

Up next: The Offense.  

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  • commented 2017-02-20 10:32:29 -0500
    I am hoping to join in the upcoming event in Berlin. I am curious to see what, if any, efforts this organizing will take to help encourage minority representation in our government.


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