Meet Sumantha Prasad, Candidate for State Assembly in District 22

As an civil engineer, Sumantha Prasad knows how to solve problems. She knows how to examine situations analytically and think critically about developing solutions. As a candidate for State Assembly in Legislative District 22, Sumantha intends to turn her problem solving skills toward the political system in her home state of New Jersey.



Sumantha was born and raised in Plainfield, New Jersey. After earning a degree Bioenvironmental Engineering from Rutgers University, in 2008, she relocated to Maryland for a job as a Water Resources Engineer. While in Maryland, she earned her MS in Environmental Engineering and Science from Johns Hopkins University while working full time. In 2013, Sumantha passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam and is a Professional Engineer (PE) registered in Maryland. In 2015, she returned to Plainfield, where she now works as a Civil Engineer. 


In the wake of the 2016 election, Sumantha realized that the nation was hungry for change but believed that the change it had elected would do more harm than good. Right now the country is deeply divided due to hyperpartisanship; Sumantha is therefore running as an independent in an attempt to move past party labels and encourage people to vote for the person, rather than the party.


Sumantha knows that the first step toward any kind of change in New Jersey is in reforming the political system itself. She’s noted that her district, District 22, looks like a stretched out piece of used chewing gum, and that the shape of districts tend to serve the politicians they elect, rather than the people who live in them. She hopes to bring broad election reform, as well as a single-payer health care system, to her district and New Jersey in general. She also believes that the public education she enjoyed in New Jersey is critical to creating broader change in society; as a candidate, she pledges to support our public education system and give New Jersey teachers the recognition they deserve.

Engineers are charged with creating new structures that will withstand the test of time and all the challenges that come their way. Sumantha Prasad is asking District 22 to give her the chance to build a better political system in New Jersey, one that will withstand the challenges of the coming years and lead to a better future for all.

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