Meet Dev Goswami, Candidate for Assembly in District 38

Dev Goswami is a New Jersey native who has witnessed first hand the political and bureaucratic corruption that has crippled his home state for decades.

Dev began his career in the field of neuroscience and Alzheimer's research, and his interest in helping those with developmental disabilities has persisted throughout his life. He credits working as a direct support professional for individuals with disabilities with teaching him how to value serving others over material gain.

It was this same commitment to service that in January 2016 drove Dev to join AmeriCorps as a volunteer in the national preschool program HeadStart in Blackwood, New Jersey. HeadStart serves millions of socioeconomically disadvantaged children all over the country. Unfortunately, Dev discovered that HeadStart in Blackwood was plagued by nepotism, embezzlement, mismanagement, discrimination, and even child endangerment. Although he reported the abuse through appropriate channels, no action was taken.

Frustrated but far from defeated by his brush with New Jersey government bureaucracy, Dev returned to North Jersey in fall of 2016 to work on Josh Gottheimer's Congressional election. He campaigned door to door for Gottheimer, collecting surveys to learn more about constituents’ concerns, and trained other campaign workers on their duties. Because of his willingness to compromise and cross the aisle, Dev believes that Gottheimer can and will bring change to New Jersey’s 5th congressional district. Working for Representative Gottheimer’s successful congressional campaign inspired Dev to mount his own campaign for the 38th district assemblyman.

Although Dev holds progressive values and would like to see a progressive economic agenda enacted in New Jersey, he has chosen to run as an independent. Both the corruption of the New Jersey Democratic Party and the unparalleled levels of obstruction reached by the Republican-dominated Congress under President Obama have convinced Dev that neither party is fit to lead. What is necessary now is a coalition of people who, in the spirit of New Jersey Awakens, wish to eliminate corruption from New Jersey and eventually US politics. Without that, even the most progressive platform will crumble, harming lives and wasting taxpayer money.

As assemblyman, Dev pledges to work for election reform – including the overturning of the disastrous Citizens United – as well as greater grassroots involvement and the civil rights of all his fellow New Jerseyans. In addition, he recognizes that extremely high property taxes have made living in New Jersey untenable for many who have been here their entire lives. But the corruption itself, he argues, is why property taxes in New Jersey are so high: if we eliminate corruption and control waste in public spending, we will be able to provide homeowners with relief without sacrificing the crucial services that state and local governments provide.

Throughout his life, both in his work and as a volunteer, Dev Goswami has sought to serve his community. Now, he hopes the 38th district will elect him to serve them as their assemblyman.

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