Wow. Great meeting last night, let's keep moving forward

Hi Everyone,


Thank you so much to everyone who came out last night.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed meeting and brainstorming with all of you.  It was a bright spot in what has been a difficult week.  


Yesterday, when President Obama talked about the future of the Democratic Party, he said, "Nobody said democracy is easy.  It's hard.  And maybe it should be hard."  I implore you to not be put off by the amount of work that needs to be done right now.  We are starting an organization...the set up is a lot of work, but we will gain experience, build relationships, and get a lot more efficient as time goes on.  If we don't have a strong foundation, we will not be able to effectively accomplish the goals we set, so these early steps are critical.



What are we doing with the Roll Call sheets?


A volunteer, Amanda, is compiling your responses into an excel spreadsheet and we hope to be able to connect you with fellow committee members this weekend or early next week. 


If you were not able to make it last night, but want to fill out a Roll Call sheet, which lets you sign up for committees and also choose what type of volunteering you are willing to do, please fill out the attached and send it back to me.  


Bus to Washington DC on January 21st


Liz Cohen can be reached at  If you want to sign up for the bus, please contact her.  The cost is $59 a person, assuming we get 50 people. 


There are many low income women in Hoboken that I know would like to attend, but cannot spare the money.  If you would like to buy a ticket for someone who otherwise wouldn't be able to go, please let me or Liz know, and we will let people know of the opportunity.  


Growing Our Ranks


1) We are planning to set up events similar to last night in other parts of the state.  If you want to set up an event or know someone who would be willing to help organize an event in another part of the state, please let me know. We will provide all the support they need in finding a location, recruiting volunteers, and promoting the event.  


2) I changed the Facebook URL to reflect the new group name.  It can be found here:  It is set up so you can invite friends to like the page.  Please share it with anyone you think would like to get involved.  


Upcoming Events


1) This group's predecessor, the Hoboken Democratic Social Club, has monthly happy hours every second Tuesday of the month.  We meet at Moran's, which is located at 501 Garden Street in Hoboken.  We will continue those happy hours and they will remain a forum to have free and open discussion on local, state, and national politics.  The next happy hour is December 13th.  


2) We will have formal meetings once a month to get updates from the committees and vote on items as laid out in the bylaws (which do not exist yet).  These meetings will chart the course the organization takes in terms of what priorities we set and how to expend resources.  I expect future meetings will be more organized as we begin setting goals and working to accomplish them.  I'd like to have the meetings the first week of the month.  Please take this doodle poll to indicate which day of the week you prefer.    


3) We will be coordinating with Chip from the Morris County Democratic Committee, who you met last night, to set up phone banks for the Louisiana Senate race.  We'll let you know when the date and location are set next week.  


Thank you everyone for all of your help and it was great meeting so many of you last night!





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